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The company's first car, the 1100 Clubsport, was based on a Kawasaki motorcycle engine placed inside a small open-cockpit chassis which could house two adults. The cars were intended to run in the 750 Motor Club's races under the Sports 2000 category, with co-founder Hyde driving. In 1999, Radical had built enough 1100 Clubsports that they decided to create a one-make series based around the car. Backed by the British Racing and Sports Car Club, the series featured identical cars that were open to anyone who owned an 1100 Clubsport. The same year, Radical debuted their second model, the Prosport. Available with Kawasaki or Suzuki engine up to 1500 cc in displacement, the Prosports were even more powerful and faster than the Clubsports, and even included an adjustable rear wing. The cars were also brought to the United States for the first time, for use in the SCCA D-Sport class in 2000. Radical's next creation was the SR3, a car which could compete in international racing, such as the FIA's C3 class. The car uses a Suzuki-based engine tuned by Powertec engine which offered 1300 cc or 1500 cc versions and a maximum of 252 hp (188 kW) in the latter. A six-speed sequential gearbox was developed specifically for the car to improve performance. The SR3 could also be road legal in the United Kingdom with the addition of turn signals, a hand brake, a catalytic converter, and road legal tires. In 2006, Radical would make its largest leap into motorsport with the development of ...

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