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Radical drive in Riga - TopGear Latvija

TopGear Latvija magazine made a race track simulation in Riga center. On 6th of May we closed down main street of Riga, to make about 800 m long race track and take a drive in Radical SR3 RS. This place was chosen because first go-kart race ever in Latvia was held here 50 years ago. First driver was Karline Stala, who is known as a first woman ever to win any kind of formula championship. Her lap time was 39,1 sec. Next up was editor-in-chief of TopGear Latvia Ilmars Likums, to whom this was a first ever drive in Radical racer. After a small hiccup and stalling the car for the first time, he did a lap time 46,2 seconds and two laps in 42 second each.

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