Video - Radical SR3 in Action - Onboard @ Monza Racetrack

Videos Radical SR3 Radical SR3 in Action - Onboard @ Monza Racetrack

Radical SR3 in Action - Onboard @ Monza Racetrack

Probably this is my most amazing onboard ever, a ride in a lightweight supercar called Radical SR3. With a weight of just 570kg and with a power of 270hp, this car is able to beat almost everything on the track. It was very funny and awesome to be onboard this car, the acceleration is impressive but most of all is the speed; with this we have reached a very high speed in the corners, something very hard for Lambos Ferraris etc.. The driving position in this british supercar is very low, it seemed to drive at the speed of light! During my ride you can see how the driver was very good to drive the car, we made also a few powerslides. Thank you so much Ale for the ride! If you are interested to buy one here in Italy, visit:

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