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TF1S GTR (Race report) - With a magnificent display of consistency and tactics Mansell won the Austrian Grand Prix against the odds. On second position came championship standings runner up Shaka, followed by third place Jens. But how did it happen? Already in qualifying things looked dark for the leading duo. On front row it was newcomer Raider on the ballast-free Lola B06/43 who took the glory a blink of an eye faster than PRO Jens and his Radical SR9. Further down the road came Mansell's RS Spyder with a brilliant lap to secure 3rd place ahead of Scotty (Acura) and the heavyweight Shaka, with record breaking 90kg ballast on sister Porsche. Race started proved crucial and caught the rookie by surprise, instantly dropped to last place. Small clashes here and there but all survived the first lap. Scotty and Raider were fighting for the lead on early stages, with Jens, Mansell and Shaka engulfed in a battle. The brazilian soon spun and dropped behind the duo. A few laps later, fighting for the lead, Raider too spun and dropped to 4th. With Jens pitting for a new splitter it all seemed safe at Scotty's garage, until his car suffered a unknown failure and he duly retired, leaving the way open for Mansell and Shaka fight for the lead. Lap after lap the two men dropped the hammer in a psychological battle to see who would crack under pressure. And it was Shaka, who spun with 5 laps to go. Mansell won 12s ahead of Shaka, 36s ahead ...

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